One User, One Mobile: The Safest and Most Gamified WAT Community

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Simplifying the user registration process in our community, especially from mobile and the app, with the highest possible security and making it as ‘usable’ as possible were three ideas that had been on our minds for a while. The IT, product development, strategy, or content team had made approaches on how to do it, but it was this past November when this goal became possible, after a few months of developing the new survey front end, new features in the online communities, and improvements in our results dashboard.

To achieve this, we have developed and implemented the user registration verification through the mobile phone number, both for registration from the App and from the desktop version. This is a measure that fits perfectly with the mobile nature of our user community, provides greater security and reliability to our testers’ accounts, and meets the need for immediacy and speed required by some of our market studies. But let’s take a closer look at the advantages of this mobile verification.

Advantages of Mobile Verification

  • Control and security. Verification through the mobile phone increases the reliability of ‘one user, one account,’ significantly reducing the risk of fraud or the possibility of duplicate accounts using multiple email addresses associated with the same person. Although this was already a aspect previously controlled by our rigorous anti-fraud systems, mobile verification significantly reduces the possibilities.
  • Agility. Verification through an SMS is faster and more agile than verification via email, especially from the user’s perspective.
  • App Usability. If the user registers through the app, they don’t have to leave the registration flow, as the SMS arrives immediately on the user’s mobile to continue the registration at that very moment and channel.
  • More user information. Knowing the mobile phone numbers of the users who are part of our community allows us to have a more personalized and agile communication with them, both for studies that require an immediate response and for personal invitations to online communities, considering their participation in projects with special requirements or profiles… In addition to providing new data that enriches their tester profile.

More than 90,000 users… and growing!

The WAT Community is one of the aspects we value most at We are testers. In the 4 years of the company’s existence, the family has grown, both in terms of employees and users, making us a large extended family. Currently, we are closing 2019 with over 90,000 registered users in our community, making it one of the largest panels in Spain.

And while the number is very important, we are also proud of the quality and gamification of the community, which responds to our challenges and activities as we had never imagined. It is a community energized through our point system, rewards, discussion forums, and comments through the WhAT! section… in short, an engaged community willing to give their opinion on the various activities we propose, whether it’s a quick and simple survey with 3 questions, a usability task to evaluate an app, or participation in an online community for a year.

In addition to all this, we continue to increase the segmentation criteria to characterize our community in the most realistic and representative way possible of the market, with over 300 segmentation criteria. This allows us to guarantee compliance with quotas and a high response rate in studies. And, as we mentioned at the beginning of this post, the new mobile phone user verification system adds this information variable to the user’s profile and contributes to this ongoing process of characterization and enrichment of their information.


Want to know more about our community? Interested in conducting a market study with specific segmentation or quotas? We can help! Write to us at with all the information about your project or any questions you may have, and we will provide you with the solutions we have available.

Update date 22 December, 2023

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