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What is a
Concept Test?

Concept testing is a quantitative market research study used in new product development processes. It helps screen all new product ideas and selects the ones that receive the best reception among the target audience.

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Why Conduct a Concept Test?

Concept Test

Who Is Interested in a Concept Test?

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A quién le interesa Test de concepto

Why Conduct Your Concept Tests
with We are testers?

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Assisted Concept Tests

Questionnaire programming and fieldwork monitoring by the We are testers expert team.

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Specific Sample

Identify your target audience from hundreds of ready-to-use profiles in our consumer panel and access them directly without costly searches.

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Innovation Solutions Suite

Validate your steps agilely during the innovation process with a wide range of innovation tests: product, packaging, pricing, and more.

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Real-Time Results

Accelerate your innovation by conducting tests in record time. Access results as soon as fieldwork ends and review them with powerful analytics and artificial intelligence support.

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