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What is a User Experience Survey?

A user experience survey is a quantitative study used to quickly and efficiently collect information and opinions about user experiences when interacting with a website, app, or digital product.

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Why Conduct a User Experience Survey?

UX Survey

Who is Interested in a User Experience Survey?

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UX/UI Teams

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Ecommerce and Digital Teams

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Product Teams

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Customer Experience Teams

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Marketing Teams

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Entrepreneurs and Executives

A quién le interesa Encuestas de experiencia de usuarios

Why Conduct Your
User Experience Surveys
with We are testers?

Ilustración We are testers que representa Users from our panel or your base

Users from our panel or your base

You choose the audience for your study. Users from the We are testers panel or your own user base.

Ilustración We are testers que representa Studies with your brand

Studies with your brand

Use your logo, your colors, and your entire brand image in We are testers satisfaction surveys.

Ilustración We are testers que representa Assisted user surveys

Assisted user surveys

Questionnaire programming and fieldwork monitoring by the We are testers expert team.

Ilustración We are testers que representa Secure data

Secure data

Conduct your user surveys with all confidentiality and compliance guarantees for data protection regulations.

Ilustración We are testers que representa AI-powered analysis

AI-powered analysis

Let We are testers AI help you classify open-ended question responses by topic and create a summary for you to validate or refine.

Ilustración We are testers que representa Combine surveys and usability tests

Combine surveys and usability tests

We are testers offers you the widest range of research solutions, including multiple usability tests, all on the same platform.

Ilustración We are testers que representa Create your own user panel

Create your own user panel

Go beyond one-time research and create your own user panel to help you make decisions whenever you need it.

Ilustración We are testers que representa Assured Experience

Assured Experience

A survey platform used by more than 200 clients for all types of market research and usability studies.

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"Caixabank has gained valuable insights into our customer relationships, how they perceive our digital channels, what areas for improvement they identify, and what they would like our products to be like. "

Director of Commercial Research

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