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What is a
Price Test?

Price testing analyzes consumer sensitivity to a product's price and determines the optimal price to maximize revenue and profitability. Pricing studies are conducted when determining the price of a new product and whenever changes in pricing strategy are desired.

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Why Conduct a Price Test?

Price Test

Who Benefits from a Price Test?

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Market Researchers

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Marketing Teams

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Innovation Teams

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Why Conduct Your Price Tests
with We are testers?

Ilustración We are testers que representa Proven Price Analysis Models

Proven Price Analysis Models

Use models like Van Westendorp that have been validated in thousands of studies worldwide to manage your price most effectively.

Ilustración We are testers que representa Real-Time Results

Real-Time Results

React quickly when a price change is on the table and provide key insights just when they are needed.

Ilustración We are testers que representa Assisted Price Tests

Assisted Price Tests

Questionnaire scheduling and fieldwork monitoring by the We are testers expert team.

Ilustración We are testers que representa Specific Samples

Specific Samples

Identify your target audience among hundreds of ready-to-use profiles in our consumer panel and access them directly without costly searches.

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