Improve your web or app information architecture

Understand where users will look for each content and design more intuitive and clear navigation menus.


What is a Tree testing analysis?

A tree testing analysis is a UX research tool used to improve the navigation structure of a website or app. Users are presented with a simplified navigation menu in the form of a tree and are asked to perform a set of tasks to find the correct location for each piece of information within it. The results help identify improvements in the information architecture.

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Why conduct Tree testing?

Tree testing

Who is interested in tree testing?

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Why conduct your tree tests
with We are testers?

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Intuitive platform

An easy-to-use tool with multiple features to make the most of your UX research.

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Your target audience

More than 120,000 people in our panel to ensure you always find those who meet the necessary criteria for the test.

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Quality users

Motivated and prepared users to provide maximum value, even in complex tasks like sign-up flows, onboarding, and more.

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Expert moderation

Moderate the sessions yourself or have a UX research expert moderate them, and participate as an observer. You decide!

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