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What is an
Online Focus Group?

A focus group is a qualitative research technique. A moderator guides the discussion with a small group of participants who share their views on a particular topic. Focus groups are used to gain detailed insights into behaviors, motivations, attitudes, and to collect ideas from consumers and users. In online focus groups, participants connect via the internet and share their opinions through video conferencing.

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Why Conduct an Online Focus Group?

Focus Groups

Who Benefits from Online Focus Groups?

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Market Researchers

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Marketing Teams

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Innovation Teams

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Why Conduct Your Online Focus Groups with We are testers?

Ilustración We are testers que representa No Physical or Geographic Barriers

No Physical or Geographic Barriers

Conduct discussion groups while overcoming inconveniences of in-person meetings, mobility limitations, and transportation costs. Your participants connect from any location and in real time.

Ilustración We are testers que representa Participants Tailored to You

Participants Tailored to You

You choose the audience for your online focus group. Participants from your own database or selected from over 120,000 members of the We are testers panel.

Ilustración We are testers que representa Quality Discussion Groups

Quality Discussion Groups

Participants are incentivized and motivated to provide maximum value in focus groups and other research methodologies.

Ilustración We are testers que representa Specific Technology

Specific Technology

Access multiple features designed to manage online focus groups: session recording, public chat with participants and private chat with observers, screen sharing, file sharing, visible script for the moderator, and more.

Ilustración We are testers que representa Custom Moderation

Custom Moderation

Speak directly with users and manage the session yourself, or participate as an observer by delegating the moderation of online focus groups to an expert qualitative researcher.

Ilustración We are testers que representa Easy and Fast

Easy and Fast

Access from anywhere, whether on mobile or computer. Our tool works in the browser, so users don't need to install any additional software.

Ilustración We are testers que representa Analysis with AI Assistance

Analysis with AI Assistance

Save time by letting artificial intelligence classify interventions by topics and receive a discussion summary that you can refine until you are satisfied.

Ilustración We are testers que representa Beyond Focus Groups

Beyond Focus Groups

Combine your discussion groups with other research techniques to go further. Share surveys or assign tasks to complement the qualitative session.

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