General conditions


These General Conditions of Use (“Conditions of Use”) regulate the conditions of access and use of the services available on the website and (“Website”) and App «We are testers «, hereinafter the TOOL or PLATFORM; owned by WEARETESTERS, SL (hereinafter referred to as “THE COMPANY”), a Spanish company registered in the Mercantile Registry of Bizkaia in Volume 5570, Folio 160, Sheet BI-67126, with NIF B95823753 and registered office at Calle Uribitarte, 6 – 2 48001 Bilbao (Bizkaia).

These Conditions of Use constitute a contract between the PANELIST and THE COMPANY. Therefore, we recommend that, before registering on the Platform as a PANELIST, you carefully read these Conditions of Use since your registration as a PANELIST and/or the use of the services available on the Platform entails acceptance of the terms provided in these Conditions of Use available in the TOOL. If you do not agree with these Terms of Use, we recommend that you do not register as a PANELIST or use the services available on the Platform by participating in the community.

Some services and/or functionalities of the Platform may be subject to particular conditions and/or additional instructions that, where appropriate, replace, complete and/or modify these Conditions of Use, prior acceptance by users.


The Platform has several services aimed at Companies, CLIENTS, consisting of carrying out market studies, taking into account the opinion of the PANELISTS. In this sense, the services offered by the COMPANY are the following:

  • Carrying out online market studies (concept test, product test, price test, advertising pre-test, advertising post-test, brand study, satisfaction study, segmentation study, work environment surveys, or others tailored to the needs of the Company that contracts the services.
  • UX Research
  • Carrying out quantitative studies: by carrying out Focus Groups or in-depth PANELIST interviews.
  • Online communities

Likewise, the COMPANY informs the PANELIST that the activities and/or services may change and/or be modified throughout the contractual relationship.

The PARTICIPANT of the Online Community, Focus, Personal Interview or Usability Test that will be developed on the COMPANY PLATFORM (hereinafter the ACTIVITY), whose data is collected in this document, accepts his participation in the ACTIVITY for the ‘Period ‘Agreed Duration’. The study and management of the ACTIVITY will be carried out by THE COMPANY.

The purpose of your participation in the ACTIVITY is to provide your opinion about your experience as a consumer. THE COMPANY will propose for the study and develop a series of topics that will be monitored through a questionnaire, forum, video call or other type of online activities, depending on the specific objective of the activity in each case.


Access to the PLATFORM and the use of the services available therein are reserved for those who have registered as PANELISTS, however, access to the Platform is free. Likewise, depending on the answers made through the different ACTIVE TESTs, new ones will be generated.

Browsing through the Platform is free and voluntary, and is carried out under the exclusive responsibility of the PANELIST/PARTICIPANT. However, the COMPANY, if the PANELIST fails to comply with these Conditions of Use, may be excluded.

Access and use of certain functionalities requires prior registration by the PARTICIPANT. In case of registration, the information provided to THE COMPANY through the registration forms available on the Platform must be complete, truthful, lawful and accurate, and must be permanently updated. It will be the exclusive responsibility of the PARTICIPANT to immediately communicate to THE COMPANY any modification that may occur in the information provided.

The PARTICIPANT is responsible for the adequate custody and confidentiality of the passwords that are provided and/or that have been created by them during the registration process, and undertakes not to allow or transfer their use to other people. THE COMPANY will not be responsible for the use by any third party of the User’s password due to non-diligent use or loss thereof by the latter. In the event of theft, loss or unauthorized access to their password, the PARTICIPANT will be responsible for immediately notifying THE COMPANY in order to proceed with its cancellation. THE COMPANY will under no circumstances be responsible for actions carried out by unauthorized third parties until the aforementioned notification is made by the PARTICIPANT.

In any case, the PARTICIPANT is fully responsible for the actions carried out on the Platform through the use of their username/password, as well as their eventual consequences.


The status of PANELIST is acquired by any natural person who registers «I WANT TO BE A TESTER» through the TOOL and accepts the General Conditions of Use.

Profile settings

PANELISTS may configure their profile and modify their data through the «Personal data» and «my account» sections of the TOOL.

PANELISTS must have a «User Alias», which will be public with the rest of the PANELISTS in the community. Likewise, optionally, you can add an image to your profile that will also be public.

On the other hand, the PANELIST will receive notifications via email and push notifications that they can activate or deactivate through their profile.

Start up

After registration, surveys adapted to their «ACTIVE TEST» profile are generated for the PANELIST in order to become a PARTICIPANT. Likewise, you also have the option to give your opinion «WHAT!».

Tests and other ACTIVITIES may have limited places, so the Tests will be available for the PANELIST as long as there are places.


The PANELIST/PARTICIPANT is obliged to make reasonable use of the Platform in accordance with the possibilities and purposes for which it is designed, in accordance with the provisions of this document, under the principles of good faith and with respect to current legislation.

The access keys or encryption systems provided to the PANELIST/PARTICIPANT may only be used by the PANELIST/PARTICIPANT. The diligent and confidential custody of said mechanisms will be the sole responsibility of the latter, as well as any damages that may eventually arise from their use by third parties due to the lack of diligence or confidentiality in their custody by the PANELIST/PARTICIPANT.

The PANELIST/PARTICIPANT ensures that all data provided is true and up to date. In the event that you must modify your data, you can do so through your profile.

The PANELIST/PARTICIPANT is obliged to make reasonable use of the Platform in accordance with the possibilities and purposes for which it is designed, in accordance with the provisions of this document, under the principles of good faith and with respect to current legislation and not assign the right to use without the prior written consent of THE COMPANY, in accordance with these General Conditions.


In the event that the PANELIST becomes a PARTICIPANT of the Online Community, as an essential condition, to participate in it and be able to receive the incentives mentioned in this section, the PARTICIPANT must make frequent use of the service and participate actively during the aforementioned period providing information on the proposed topics, interacting with other participants. Specifically, the PARTICIPANT must:

  • Complete the activity launched in the Community, answering a survey, carrying out intervention/interventions on the topics raised or the execution of the proposed task or participating in the video call to which you have been invited.
  • The type of intervention will depend on the activity launched by THE COMPANY’s technicians, which may be a comment, solving a survey, uploading a video or photo, etc.

It will be the final decision of the moderator to establish which users have participated correctly and fully in the activity, and may exclude those PANELISTS who have only partially participated in the activity or fraudulently.


For PARTICIPATION in the different ACTIVITIES, the PARTICIPANT may receive two types of rewards:

  • WATios: are points that will allow the PANELIST’s level of experience to grow on the Platform. The PANELISTS from the community with the highest number of WATios will have priority to answer TEST, in addition to other advantages.
  • WATcoins: are points that can be exchanged for different prizes through the TOOL.

The ACTIVITIES that will allow a PANELIST to earn WATios and WATcoins are:

  • Invite a friend and WATcoins and WATios will be received when the friend answers a TEST.
  • Level up, you will earn WATios.
  • Respond to a TEST: it will depend on the TEST.


Each PANELIST will have a status that will provide them with privileges within the Platform. There are three (3) available:

  • PádaWAT: the PANELIST will obtain this Status upon registration. He is a «PARTICIPANT» Tester trainee and will need to earn WATios to advance to the next Status and demonstrate that he is capable of rising positions in the community.
  • WATpro: the PANELIST will be professional and this will allow him to earn more WATios and WATcoins when he answers a Test.
  • WATguru: the PANELIST will be a Test guru. He will earn many more WATios and WATcoins by answering a Quiz.

The privileges that the PANELIST will have in each Status and the level to reach to move to the next are:

PádaWat WATpro WATguru
Level required to achieve Status LEVEL1-10 LEVEL11-20 LEVEL+21
Extra WATios and WATcoins bonus when answering a Test +5% +10%
Priority to answer Test* No Yeah Yeah
Number of invitations available 10 twenty 30
Exclusive access to test No Yeah Yeah


Through the PANELIST’s account, you will be able to view the Ranking of all the PANELISTS in the community, in which the user’s Alias, status, total WATcoins and total WATios will appear, as well as the total number of tests answered.

Likewise, the PANELIST will also be able to view their points history and redeem their WATcoins.


The PANELIST/PARTICIPANT may only access the Platform and use the services through the means or procedures that have been made available to them for this purpose and exclusively for the purposes for which they have been made available on the Platform. . By way of example and not exhaustive, it is strictly prohibited:

  • Access, interfere with, manipulate or use any area of the Platform or the computer systems of THE COMPANY or the Platform that is not of a public nature and/or purpose, or to which access has not been given, as well as any act that violates , circumvent or manipulate the terms, mechanics, policies and spirit of the Platform;
  • Attempt to probe, investigate, analyze, scan or test the vulnerability of the Platform or any system or network related to it or the services, or breach or attempt to breach or circumvent any security or authentication barrier or measure;
  • Damage or generate a threat of damage to the system, other users, the host or the network, introducing viruses, programs, macros or any sequence of characters with the purpose of damaging or altering the Platform’s computer systems, or hindering access by other Users through massive consumption of resources;
  • Attempt to decipher, decompile, disassemble or reverse any software engineering used for the proper functioning of the Platform or the provision of the services;
  • Violate intellectual or industrial property rights belonging to THE COMPANY or third parties and, in particular, reproduce, copy or distribute the contents available on the Platform, as well as allow public access to them through any form of public communication, or transform or modify them, without the express authorization of the owner of the corresponding rights, as well as carry out actions of unfair competition and illicit advertising;
  • Use the Platform, the contents and/or the services in a manner and for purposes contrary to the law, morality, public order and these Conditions of Use, and, in particular, for publication, transmission, hosting, sending and/or or dissemination of information, data, messages, graphics, drawings, sound and/or image files, recordings, photographs, software or content that infringe the law or industrial or intellectual property rights or personal rights of third parties, that are obscene, racist , sexist, defamatory, pornographic, denigrating or offensive, or that induce or may facilitate illicit or fraudulent conduct of any kind;
  • Publish advertising content or for commercial purposes, use the Platform for a lucrative purpose or to offer goods or services, send advertising, spam, etc. The Platform is intended for strictly private and personal use by the Participants, who are expressly prohibited from using the Platform to carry out any economic, lucrative or professional activity;
  • Impersonate other people or Participants, create false or duplicate user accounts (each PARTICIPANT can only have one account) or take any action to circumvent the limitations or restrictions established on the Platform;
  • Collect, store and/or use any personal information of other Participants;
  • Circumvent, circumvent or attempt to circumvent or circumvent the conditions of THE COMPANY Points Program;
  • Reveal, publish or transmit to third parties the content of any questionnaire or content to which you have been given restricted access, or any other communication sent personally by THE COMPANY.

The Platform has functionalities intended for Participants to interact with each other, share their experiences, make comments, etc. THE COMPANY does not assume any responsibility for the comments and opinions that the User makes or receives on or through the functionalities specifically enabled for this purpose on the Platform.. These comments and opinions in no case represent THE COMPANY or reflect its opinion and, therefore, THE COMPANY excludes any type of liability in this regard. Participants are solely responsible for the opinions expressed under their username/password. In any case:

  • Comments that may be considered defamatory, humiliating, insulting, slanderous, obscene or contrary to the law, public order or the most basic rules of coexistence and respect, or that use foul and disrespectful language, will not be accepted.
  • Comments must be respectful of the dignity of people and may not contain words or expressions that encourage, promote or incite directly or indirectly hatred, hostility, discrimination or violence for reasons related to ideology, religion or beliefs, belonging to an ethnic group. , race or nation, national origin, due to gender, sexual orientation or identity, or illness or disability.
  • Comments may not include threats, insults, or personal attacks on other users, nor will comments that advocate any type of illegal activity be accepted.
  • Comments that are intended to defame or non-objectively harm the reputation, good name and brand of the Participants or THE COMPANY will not be accepted.

THE COMPANY reserves the right to control, before publication, the content of the comments and opinions made through or on the Platform and/or to eliminate, once published, all those that, in its opinion, are not comply with the previous comments and opinions policy.


With the acceptance of these conditions of Use, the PANELIST who agrees to participate in Focus Group activities and in-depth interviews, or other ACTIVITIES that involve image and/or voice recording, is informed:

Recording: The session will be recorded through the platform in order to have support that allows the moderator to subsequently analyze the participants’ interventions and evaluate the overall results of the research. This recording will be treated confidentially by the organizing company and/or the COMPANY, exclusively for internal purposes, and will not be disseminated or published by any means. The recording will be archived on the platform (located on the COMPANY’s servers) without being able to be downloaded. Said recording of the session will be deleted by the COMPANY once the results have been evaluated and within a maximum period of one (1) year.

At the moment the PANELIST accepts participation in the activities, express consent will be requested to participate in this type of ACTIVITIES and for the communication of their identifying data (image and/or voice) to the organizing companies solely for the purpose of evaluation. of the activity. Therefore, at the moment in which a PANELIST is proposed to specifically participate in these activities, he declares that he is aware of these conditions. Failure to accept them will mean the impossibility of participating in these ACTIVITIES.

Participation in the video call activity is completely voluntary. By participating in the initiative, participants are informed and accept the established conditions.


Interested parties are informed about the processing of their personal data in accordance with the provisions of article 13 of the RGPD:

Data Controller

  • Company Name: WEARETESTERS, SL
  • NIF: B95823753
  • Address: Calle Uribitarte, 6 – 2 48001 Bilbao (Bizkaia)
  • Email:

Contact details of the data protection officer:

Purpose of treatment

  • Manage the participation of the interested person in the activities indicated in these conditions of use during the agreed period in order to obtain their opinion and/or experience for the specific study of an organizing company.
  • Send notifications about the new Tests that the interested person can take.
  • Manage the image and voice of the interested person for their participation in Focus Group or other activities that involve their treatment and evaluate the results.


The processing of personal data is legitimized by express consent in accordance with article art. 6.1.a) of the RGPD.

Data retention criteria

The data will not be kept longer than necessary for which it was collected, unless there is a legal obligation.

In the event that the activities involve the recording of the participant’s image and/or voice, these will only be kept for a maximum period of one year.

Data communication

In general, the identification and contact data of the PARTICIPANTS will be anonymous to the organizing companies. However, in the event that the activities involve the recording of the image and/or voice of the PARTICPANT, the organizing company, client of the COMPANY, may access them. In any case, the organizing companies will only be able to view the content without the possibility of downloading or copying the mentioned data.

The data will not be communicated to other third parties, except by legal obligation or with the express consent of the interested party.

International data transfers

There are no International Transfers of data to third countries outside the European Union.

Rights that assist the interested person

The interested party may revoke consent at any time.

The interested party may exercise their rights of access, rectification and deletion (Right to be forgotten), limitation of data, portability of data and opposition, by sending a letter to Calle Uribitarte,, 6 – 2 48001 Bilbao (Bizkaia) or email protecciondedatos . , as well as submit a claim to the competent supervisory authority in matters of data protection, which is currently the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD).

On the other hand, the interested person may contact the Data Protection Officer:


The PARTICIPANT agrees to maintain confidentiality regarding all information, documentation and development related to this study from the moment THE COMPANY contacts him to explain the procedure until one year after the date of signing this document.


THE COMPANY is the owner or licensee, as the case may be, of all intellectual and/or industrial property exploitation rights over the content, design and source code of the Platform, including the software that supports it and the databases that form or have been part of it at some point.

The PARTICIPANT only has a strictly private right of use for the purpose of enjoying the services and the Contents in accordance with these Conditions of Use. In no case will it be understood that the PARTICIPANT’s access and navigation through the Platform implies a waiver, transmission , license or total or partial transfer of said rights by THE COMPANY for the exploitation, reproduction, public communication, dissemination, disclosure and/or transformation of the Platform or its Contents.

The copying, reproduction, adaptation, modification, transformation, distribution, commercialization, public communication, making available, extraction, reuse, forwarding and/or use of any nature, by any channel and/or procedure, of any of the Contents or the elements that make up the Platform, which entails a violation of current national and/or international regulations on intellectual and/or industrial property, the violation of third-party rights or non-compliance with these Conditions of Use.

The PARTICIPANT is fully responsible for the content published or shared through the Platform. Therefore, the PARTICIPANT may not host, store, disclose, publish, distribute, make available or share through the Platform and/or using the services/functionalities available therein any content or material – texts, brands, logos, links, files, photographs, etc. – (“User Content”) (i) over which you do not have or hold the right or consent or are not entitled to reproduce, transmit, disseminate, distribute, make available to third parties and/ or exploit in the necessary terms, or (ii) that infringes or violates industrial or intellectual property rights or personal rights of third parties (including, but not limited to, copyrights, trademarks, patents, designs and industrial secrets – or any other industrial and/or intellectual property rights recognized by the legislation of any country in which such rights may display their effects – moral rights, and the right to honor, privacy and one’s own image). The PARTICIPANT guarantees THE COMPANY that all the aforementioned content that it hosts, shares, makes available, transmits or publishes on or through the Platform strictly complies with these conditions, exempting THE COMPANY from any potential liability in this regard.

The reproduction, transmission, storage, dissemination, distribution, making available and/or publication of PARTICIPANT’S Content through the contact channels and/or functionalities enabled on the Platform expressly and automatically attributes to THE COMPANY a non-exclusive, free license. , non-revocable, worldwide and sub-licensable for the exploitation of the intellectual property inherent to the User Content, so that THE COMPANY can use it in the context and for the purposes of the Platform or in connection with the services and functionalities available in it.


If, for any reason, the PARTICIPANT fails to comply with the obligations of these General Conditions, THE COMPANY reserves the right to suspend and/or cancel their participation in the PLATFORM, in accordance with current legislation and claim damages that, in If applicable, could cause THE COMPANY to comply with the aforementioned non-compliance.


THE COMPANY has adopted, within its possibilities and the current state of technology, all reasonably required measures to guarantee the correct functioning of the Platform and the services available on it, and to avoid the existence and transmission of vulnerabilities and harmful components. . However, THE COMPANY cannot guarantee and, in fact, does not guarantee: (i) the invulnerability of the Platform and the impregnability of the security measures adopted to prevent the existence of viruses and/or other harmful components on the Platform or on the server that supplies it; (ii) the damages or losses caused to the PARTICIPANT or to a third party by any person who violates the conditions that THE COMPANY establishes for the use of the Platform or through the violation of its security systems, and (iii) the full reliability , usefulness, accuracy, availability and continuity of the Platform, services and content.

Likewise and to the maximum extent permitted by law, THE COMPANY is not responsible:

  • of the use that the PARTICIPANT makes of the services and contents in violation of these Conditions of Use;
  • of any action by the PARTICIPANT that may involve a violation of any type of regulation, national or international, of intellectual or industrial property rights or any other right of third parties, or of the Conditions of Use;
  • of possible security errors that could occur due to using non-updated software versions or of the consequences that could arise from the malfunction of your device, whether due to improper configuration, presence of computer viruses or any other external cause. to THE COMPANY;
  • of the contents, whatever they may be, that the PARTICIPANT hosts, publishes or stores on the Platform, that he transmits or disseminates through it, or that he sends to We are testers or to other Participants through the Platform itself and/ or the communication channels available therein; and
  • of service interruptions, delays, errors, malfunctions of the Platform and, in general, any inconvenience that has its origin in causes beyond the control of THE COMPANY or in actions or services of third parties other than We are testers and/or or due to malicious or negligent action by other Participants or third parties – attack by hackers, crackers or other third parties on the security or integrity of the computer system –, and/or that originate from causes of Force Majeure.

THE COMPANY excludes any liability for damages, losses or incidents or inconveniences of any kind that the PARTICIPANT or third parties may suffer as a direct or indirect consequence of the actions listed above and, in general, for any action that involves non-compliance. of these Conditions of Use by the PARTICIPANT.

THE COMPANY reserves the right to suspend, restrict and/or interrupt access to the Platform at any time and without prior notice, whether for technical, security, control, maintenance reasons, due to power supply failures or for any other reason. another well-founded cause. Under no circumstances can liability be demanded for the discontinuity or lack of availability of the Platform services.

THE COMPANY excludes any type of responsibility regarding the veracity, completeness, accuracy, legality and/or reliability of the information published by the Participants on the Platform and the obligations that the Participants must individually fulfill under the Law and these Conditions of Use (especially those of a tax nature that, due to their participation in the Incentive Program, may be required of the Participants).


The Platform may include technical link devices, directories and search tools that allow participants to access websites or internet services managed by third parties other than THE COMPANY (“Linked Sites”). The Linked Sites are not property or under the control of THE COMPANY, therefore THE COMPANY is not responsible for the quality, updating, availability, legality and/or usefulness of the contents and/or services of the Linked Sites. The existence of Linked Sites on the Platform does not imply the approval, recommendation, promotion, affiliation or sponsorship of said Linked Sites.

The actions that the Participants carry out or the decisions they adopt under or through the use of the content and/or services available on Linked Sites, other services provided by third parties on this Platform or services linked/integrated in some way in the Platform are not the responsibility of THE COMPANY and will be governed and regulated, where appropriate, by the rules, conditions of use and privacy policies of said Linked Sites and/or third-party services, which PARTICIPANT is recommended to read before using such services and /or contents.


THE COMPANY may monitor access and/or use of the Platform by the Participants, as well as adopt technical measures (for example, collecting the User’s IP address) in order to control and verify that use is being made. in accordance with these Conditions of Use and in full compliance with current legislation.

THE COMPANY reserves the right to suspend, restrict, cancel and/or definitively terminate, without prior notice and at any time, access to the Platform and the use of all or some of the services, adopting the technical measures that are necessary for this purpose. precise, in the event of non-compliance with these Conditions of Use by the PARTICIPANT or when it is reasonably suspected that the PARTICIPANT is making abusive, excessive or inappropriate use of the Platform, all without prejudice to any legal actions that may be taken in each case to claim any damages that such non-compliance could cause to THE COMPANY.

The PARTICIPANT must hold harmless and, where appropriate, compensate and indemnify THE COMPANY, its directors, employees, affiliates, agents and any other related persons, with respect to any claims, responsibilities, sanctions, damages, losses, expenses or any other concepts that are a consequence of any breach of these Conditions of Use.


PANELISTS may unsubscribe from the services at any time by clicking on the “close account” option available in the private area of their account. Cancellation of the service will entail the cancellation of the user’s account and the inability to access the services and functionalities of the Platform that require registration, but will not imply the elimination of the content that the PARTICIPANT has published or shared through the Platform. while their account was active, nor will it invalidate any action carried out by the PARTICIPANT through the Platform before canceling.

The withdrawal as a PARTICIPANT will be suspended as long as there are pending obligations to be fulfilled by the PARTICIPANT who requests the withdrawal. Once the services have been unsubscribed, THE COMPANY reserves the right to keep the PARTICIPANT’s background and the records related to the interactions generated by the PARTICIPANT in the use of the Platform duly blocked, exclusively for the time necessary to address the eventual responsibilities that may be legally enforceable.


All communications related to the services and functionalities of the Platform will be made, unless otherwise provided in these Conditions of Use, through the email address that the PARTICIPANT has provided during registration. The Participants acknowledge that all communications sent to said email address will be fully effective for all purposes, and it is the exclusive responsibility of the PARTICIPANT to keep their email address active and consult any communication that THE COMPANY may send them. In any case, THE COMPANY reserves the right to contact the Participants through any other address or alternative form of contact that may have been provided to THE COMPANY.

Without prejudice to the foregoing, the Participants acknowledge and accept that all information regarding the particular conditions associated with the Participants and/or related to the conditions of the Points Program will be available at all times for consultation in the private area of the Platform. without the need for individual communication to each PARTICIPANT. It is the exclusive responsibility of each PARTICIPANT to consult and know the conditions in force at all times, accessing their private area.


THE COMPANY reserves the right to modify these Conditions of Use at any time to adapt them to potential legislative or jurisprudential developments, to the practices, uses and customs of the sector, due to technical modifications to the Platform and/or its functionalities, or as a consequence of changes in the nature of the services available therein.

In any case, THE COMPANY will provide the Participants with sufficient information through the permanent publication on the Platform of the Conditions of Use in force at all times or through any type of communication addressed to the Participants, and obtain their acceptance if required by Law. Participants must carefully read these Conditions of Use each time they access and use the Platform, since their use implies full and unconditional acceptance of the version available at that time on the Platform.


These Conditions of Use are governed by Spanish law.

The resolution of any dispute regarding the validity, interpretation or execution of the provisions of these Conditions of Use is expressly submitted, with waiver of any other jurisdiction that may apply, to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of the City of Bilbao (Spain). ), without prejudice to the rights that in this area assist users who have the status of consumers, who may in any case go to the Courts and Tribunals of their domicile in accordance with the provisions of the legislation on consumer protection and users.

Likewise, as an entity attached to Confianza Online and in the terms of its Code of Ethics, in the event of disputes related to online contracting and advertising, data protection and protection of minors, the PARTICIPANT who has the status of consumer in accordance with the regulations in force in The matter may go to the Confianza Online extrajudicial dispute resolution system (»


The declaration of any of the General Conditions as null, invalid or ineffective will not affect the validity or effectiveness of the remaining ones, which will remain binding on the parties. The waiver by either party to demand compliance at a given time with any of the General Conditions stipulated herein does not imply a general waiver nor will it create an acquired right for the other party.