High-Quality Panelists: The Value of a Qualified Testers Community

Panelistas de alta calidad | High value panelists & testers
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At We are testers, we have a community of users who participate in various types of research tests. They are our panelists or testers.

Just as we design each test according to specific needs, we also select the individuals who will participate in it based on project segmentation and interests.

For us, our user community is our treasure, one of our key tools in our day-to-day work.

That’s why we take care of it and dedicate great effort to keep it alive, active, and provide resources that make it increasingly valuable.

To achieve this, we have just launched the WAT Academy, a new qualification tool for our users.

Why Having a Community of Qualified Panelists Is Important

Testers, users participating in activities, are the foundation of companies that conduct market research. They are an essential tool, along with the applications and technologies we have to carry out these tests, oriented towards various research methodologies.

Testers are real people on whom profile data is collected, which is used for segmentation based on the specific needs of each research.

For a market research company, it is as important to have a good quantity of users on the platform as it is for those people to be qualified. Having a large number of people on the platform is of little use if they do not meet the requirements to participate in different tests.

Panelist Selection for Test Participation

The first step in conducting any type of market research test, regardless of the research methodology used, is the selection of the people who will participate in the test, the testers.

This selection will be based on specific criteria necessary for each test.

For companies engaged in market research, it is crucial to ensure two things: that these users meet the needs based on their profile and that they are qualified to carry out the various tests they may face.

Therefore, in our ongoing effort to improve processes and innovate, we have created the WAT Academy.

What Is WAT Academy

WAT Academy is a training platform for panelists or testers who are part of our community. We offer them training and certification through our own program to give them the opportunity to participate in more interesting qualitative research with higher compensation.

Objectives of WAT Academy

Our goal is to provide a platform that meets our clients’ needs for conducting all types of market research.

At We are testers, we care deeply about quality and handpick our testers one by one. We also have tools to weigh the value of these panelists or testers based on their level of participation in the platform and their characteristics.

But now we have taken a step further, and WAT Academy aims to become a way to assess and qualify our users.

With WAT Academy, we aim to:

  • Achieve specialization in 70% of our panel for qualitative activities.
  • Add value to our clients through a qualified and high-quality panel for these types of studies/projects.
  • Establish a closer relationship with our panelists.
  • Understand the value of the Academy and its importance in market research studies.

Who Is WAT Academy For

It is specially focused on the most loyal panelists or testers, those who have been with us for some time, and newcomers who are also interested in the world of research and technology.

We offer them the opportunity to become certified experts in conducting qualitative market research and innovation activities.

What Panelist Training Involves

It involves a user

community where, over a short period of time, users complete a total of five activities.

These activities, which are short and simple, consist of both a theoretical and a practical part. Both are evaluated with a small test.

The theoretical-practical activities proposed in WAT Academy are centered around three areas: socio-environmental requirements, to understand under what environmental conditions these types of activities should be carried out; heat map activities; and user experience activities in the Figma environment.

What Our Panelists Achieve

Our panelists, who are qualified through the certification we provide when they pass the tests, have priority access to participate in more interesting qualitative activities. These activities also offer competitive compensation.

As you can see, WAT Academy is an interesting tool that we have launched to ensure, maintain, and improve the level and quality of users participating in our community.


Update date 15 April, 2024

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