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International market research is vital for opening up other markets, so we pack our bags and… expand! After years of consolidation in the national market, at We are testers, we have decided to take a new step and expand our panel of consumers to over 80 countries, creating a complete international community that offers the possibility of conducting international market studies in countries in Europe, the USA, South America…

International Market Research

Thanks to our global consumer panel, your market research will broaden their horizons, as when segmenting the sample of your study, you can select the country in which to do it, as well as specific areas within it. This change brings significant benefits, including the ability to launch the same study in different countries. Therefore, in addition to obtaining results at the national level, comparisons can also be made between different markets, with data aggregated by countries and provinces, as well as at a global level or by groups of countries.

Our new international community also allows for segmentation by categories and the establishment of quotas. This means that if the female opinion of a specific age range is more interesting in a particular study, we can determine that these opinions carry more weight than male opinions.

Another change brought about by this expansion is the ability to use several languages in a survey, so the community will receive their survey in the local language of the country.

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Update date 12 April, 2024

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