New Consumer Panel for your Market Research in Portugal

Panel de consumidores. Consumer Panel in Portugal | Painel para Estudos de mercado em Portugal
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If you conduct market research in Portugal, we have good news for you. Today, we have announced the launch of a new consumer panel to make your market research in Portugal and your UX tests even better. The panel will be operational during the month of November and will consist of more than 10,000 individuals carefully selected to provide the maximum value in your quantitative, qualitative, and UX studies.

Market Research in Portugal and beyond

Thanks to the new panel, our clients in Spain will be able to conduct their market research in Portugal and their UX tests with the same standards of quality and ease of access to consumers and users they are accustomed to. Additionally, the new panel will allow Portuguese companies to access market research and UX research through a new high-quality consumer panel easily and efficiently.

In Spain, we have had our own consumer panel since 2016, with 120,000 users regularly participating in all types of market research and UX studies. We have information about their demographic data, household equipment, and purchasing and consumption habits, allowing us to accurately define any sample of participants in a study or UX test. Panelists are carefully selected by our experts and participate in an animation and loyalty program to ensure they can provide the maximum quality and rigor in every research.

At We are testers, we conduct market research and UX studies with our clients worldwide. Our own panels in Spain and Portugal are combined with samples from other countries from recognized global providers with high-quality standards.

According to Josu Rodrigo, Director of Operations at We are testers: «Having our own consumer panel has been a fundamental asset for the growth of We are testers in Spain and now also in Portugal. The quality controls and gamification systems of our panels ensure the suitability of participants and their motivation to provide accurate and detailed information to our clients.»  

Javier Turrado, CEO of We are testers, commented: «Expanding our panel to Portugal is the natural next step in We are testers’ expansion process. Many of our clients in Spain have responsibilities in the Portuguese market. And at the same time, the Spanish market is an area of expansion for Portuguese companies due to cultural and geographical proximity. With the new panel, we will have direct and fast access to the Portuguese consumer to get all the answers and help them grow.

Interested in learning more about conducting your market research in Portugal or your UX test with Portuguese users. Don’t hesitate! Get in contact with our experts to get all the details.


Update date 15 April, 2024

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