Simplify the Analysis of Your Online Communities with Artificial Intelligence

AI powered insight communities | Comunidades Online con inteligencia artificial
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If you use Online Communities but don’t have time to analyze the qualitative data you collect, you’ll like the new solution we’ve introduced at We are Testers.

Now you can quickly draw conclusions from «debate» or «task» activities thanks to artificial intelligence.

At a glance, you’ll be able to see a summary of the main messages collected through your community. And if you want to delve into the details, all verbatims will be categorized by themes and sorted by relevance so you can read all comments related to the topics that interest you.


Interested in learning more about how online community analysis with artificial intelligence works? Keep reading to discover all the details.


Artificial Intelligence at Your Service

At We are Testers, we’ve been working to find new ways to apply artificial intelligence in market research. By automating the simplest and most repetitive tasks, you can focus your time on what research and marketing experts bring the most value to.

The automatic analysis of debates and tasks in Online Communities that we’ve just launched is a first step in introducing AI to our platform to help you get conclusions more quickly and easily. With them, you can create insights and make business decisions that will help you grow.

Online Communities with Artificial Intelligence: How Do They Help Me?

Online communities are an extraordinary tool for collecting qualitative data. With them, you can gather statements from consumers describing how they’ve performed tasks or what each one thinks about a proposed debate topic in the community. Analysis of these conversations is crucial for obtaining valuable information to make decisions. But it’s also a challenging task that requires time and effort. Until now, solutions like word clouds have provided a first picture of the most used terms but without being able to understand all the nuances beneath the terms.

We are Testers’ new Online Communities with artificial intelligence perform a complete semantic analysis to organize verbatims into common themes and create a summary of the entire discussion.

How to Use Artificial Intelligence in We are Testers’ Online Communities?

Using We are Testers’ new functionality is very easy. You don’t need to do anything different when creating your debates or tasks in your own Online Community. Once the activity is complete, you can access the analysis tab. The first thing you’ll see under the title WAT AI is a summary of the conclusions. Below the summary, you’ll see examples of comments that we believe may interest you. Don’t like the summary for some reason? No problem. Click «Try another summary,» and the platform will provide you with a new analysis. Want it more extensive and detailed? That’s possible too. Click «View longer summary,» and you’ll have it in moments. Easy, isn’t it?

The summary is a great help, but how do you read more verbatims and gain a better understanding of the details? That’s also easier now. You’ll find a section below the featured comments titled «All topics covered.» Click on any of them and access the most prominent verbatims on that topic. They will be sorted by relevance, and a green line below the text of each comment will indicate the relative importance we’ve assigned to it. This way, you can read all comments in a structured manner and get your own insights.

As you’ve seen, starting to use AI in your Online Communities is very straightforward. If you’re not yet familiar with We are Testers’ Online Communities or if you have any questions about applying artificial intelligence in your communities, talk to our experts and they’ll help you find the answers you need.

Update date 15 April, 2024

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