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Pruebas de usabilidad | Usability tests | testes de usabilidade
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Testing the usability of your website or app with We are Testers is now better. We have expanded the range of UX research solutions with unmoderated usability testing to allow you to collect valuable user experience insights on a large scale.

Additionally, with the launch of our new app, our testers can evaluate your new mobile developments directly on their phones, in the same way and under the same conditions as they would in real life.

Unmoderated Usability Testing

Moderated interviews are very useful for gathering detailed information on how users interact with a website or application. However, the presence of a moderator makes it difficult to expand the sample size enough to collect quantitative data. This can be achieved through unmoderated usability testing, or asynchronous UX research.
These tests are conducted by users autonomously, at their convenience, and without the presence of a moderator. With unmoderated usability testing, you can:

  • Define tasks for users to complete at their own pace. If you set a time limit for users to complete tasks, you’ll know how many of them succeed and at which exact step they might encounter difficulties.
  • Create various types of questions to gather user expectations or feedback on specific aspects of your website or app.
  • Record the test as a video, capturing user interactions with the application on their screen, as well as their spoken comments to understand where doubts arise and if there are friction points.

Unmoderated usability testing is added to the wide range of UX research solutions available in We are Testers’ catalog to help you create the best user experiences.

Usability in Mobile Environments

Last week, we launched our new app for our community of testers. The new version includes many improvements that will make it easier and faster to provide you with all the feedback you need.
Additionally, the app now allows for usability testing of mobile environments on the same phone. This has significant benefits for you:

  • There’s no longer a need to create simulated environments for your mobile versions. Testers will now evaluate usability directly in a native environment on their device. This means the feedback you receive will be much more accurate and detailed.
  • You’ll have access to your results and be able to make decisions faster than before, as usability tests can be completed anytime, anywhere, resulting in quicker response times from our testers.

These advancements in UX research solutions come right after automating the analysis of our online communities with artificial intelligence. In the coming weeks, we’ll share more exciting news about other developments we have in progress to make We are Testers even better. Stay tuned!

Update date 15 April, 2024

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