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Estudios de mercado para Product Managers
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The tools provided by market research are fundamental in the product launch, and not only at this moment, but they accompany it throughout its lifecycle. Before, during, and after the launch, market research studies provide the necessary insights to properly determine the strategies to follow, achieve the best results, ensure success, and in many cases, the survival of the product in the market. However, all of this would not make sense without one of the essential figures in this process: the Product Manager, a multifaceted role that, thanks to constant analysis and the right tools, is responsible for boosting the sales of the company’s products.

The Product Manager, along with their team in the marketing department, becomes the ‘heart’ of the product. In their work, they must thoroughly understand the product’s characteristics, its market, and consumers. To do this, they must constantly evaluate it using analytics and market research. Thanks to this, they will have the ability to identify its weaknesses and strengths, as well as the consumer’s interest in the product, or actively listen to market needs to generate new business ideas.

In this regard, it is necessary to mention Co-creation, a business strategy that involves customers, employees, suppliers, or partners in the process of creating a product, service, solution, or even generating new ideas, analyzing brand perception and positioning in the market, claims for campaigns, and more. In essence, their opinions are crucial to support and validate business decisions made by marketing or by the Product Manager or Account Executive.

Thanks to the tools provided by We are testers with its online market research studies, virtual communities, and customer experience studies, this co-creation process is accessible to any company, marketing department, or innovation department without the need for lengthy traditional market research processes.

Utilities of research for the Product Manager

The Product Manager must focus on maximizing the product to achieve the company’s objectives, with the minimum cost and in the shortest possible time. In this sense, We are testers becomes the ideal solution for day-to-day strategic decision-making. But how can it help the PM achieve this?:

  • Prospecting. The Product Manager is responsible for identifying business opportunities and finding market niches for their product. This need is covered thanks to online market research studies, which allow them to gather the opinions of potential customers about products or services, new ideas, etc. This enables them to be in direct contact with consumers and know what truly interests them.
  • User experience. The Product Manager becomes the voice of the consumer within the company. Therefore, they must be in direct contact with a mass of consumers who can give their opinion on emerging needs, the purchase process on a website, or the launch of a product or feature. In this regard, We are testers has its own community of 70,000 users, with a high response rate and more than 50 segmentation criteria and proprietary user experience tests, both for evaluating and improving conversion goals and assessing usability and experience…
  • Agility. The speed of decision-making and action is another strong point of product managers. This is not an obstacle for We are testers, as agility is one of our differentiating value propositions, and gaining insights to evaluate a new service or need is very agile and a perfect ally for tactical decision-making.
  • CRM Testing. In addition to testing an idea, product, or need among our extensive database, We are testers also offer the possibility of conducting customized studies with your own customer database or CRM using our WAT Corporate tool. This way, the Product Manager will have access to the opinions of their current customers with practically real-time results.
  • Customization. Depending on the needs and characteristics of the product or service, we have specific ‘ad hoc’ research and consulting methodologies to meet the needs of each project.

Immediacy, results, agility, constant analysis, direct contact with the opinions of your current and potential customers, innovation and co-creation processes are just some of the advantages that We are testers offers to product managers and marketing departments among its range of products and services.



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Update date 22 December, 2023

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