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Want to know if your product will be well-received in the market, if its price aligns with the market, if customers are satisfied, or what aspects of your website or app you can improve? Then it’s time to turn to market tests, and in this post, we’ll tell you about all the options and consumer research tools we have at We are testers to address your needs.

We are testers allows you to test products, ideas, evaluate brands, websites, and more, thanks to the opinions of thousands of consumers from our WAT Community or your own database or CRM members. How? Through the most extensive set of market analysis tools: online market studies and a specialized survey system that can be used independently to address specific and punctual information needs or combined to further enhance their potential as market research tools. Let’s delve into the details.

Market Tests with Consumers

Our WAT Survey tool is the specific platform for conducting online market studies with a quantitative approach, targeting consumers from our WAT Community, consisting of over 100,000 users with 400 available segmentation criteria. Depending on your information needs and study objectives, you can perform various market tests or quantitative market studies. Here are some of the most requested by our clients and their applications:

  • Product Testing: Perfect if you want to gather opinions about your product or service, validate your hypotheses, resolve doubts with your target audience throughout the product’s lifecycle, and help you minimize risks and make informed decisions.
  • Concept Testing: Validate business ideas, hypotheses about a new concept, its market fit, and more, thanks to the opinions of real and potential consumers.
  • Pricing Testing: Discover the optimal price, consumer price sensitivity, promotions, campaigns, and other key factors in a product or service marketing strategy.
  • Pre-launch Advertising Testing: Measure the effectiveness, comprehension, or choose the best creative approach for an advertising campaign before its launch.
  • Post-launch Advertising Testing: Evaluate the effectiveness of an advertising campaign, measure KPIs, and assess achieved objectives.
  • A/B Testing: Assess different options for copy, creatives, mailings, designs, and select the most suitable for your audience.
  • Brand Study: Understand the brand awareness and perception in consumers’ minds.
  • Satisfaction Study: Measure the real satisfaction of consumers within your target audience or the general market with your product, brand, or campaign.
  • Segmentation Study: Characterize different audience profiles to gain in-depth knowledge of interests, characteristics, attitudes, motivations, and more for each target.

However, you can always customize your questionnaires and address multiple information objectives, with the guidance of our market research experts.

WAT Survey, tool for online market studies

User Experience Studies

On the other hand, if you need to assess the user experience on your website, app, or any digital environment, and detect operational, usability, or experience issues, the WAT UX tool is the solution. With our user experience studies tool, you can evaluate aspects of UX, CX, QA, and achieve your e-commerce or app goals: improving conversions, usability, or identifying operational errors before continuing with development work. Here are the top three market tests:

WAT UX and User Archetype Testing for online market studies

  • Functional / QA Testing: Your tool to detect potential malfunctions or operational errors, as well as overall usability aspects on your website or app.
  • Experience Testing: A test to delve into the motivations, obstacles, or reasons that influence a purchasing decision in a digital environment.
  • Archetype Testing: Perfect for identifying behavior patterns among visitors or buyers on your website and grouping them into different buyer profiles for in-depth understanding of your current or potential customers.

Custom Studies with Your Database

WAT Corporate is our market research tool that allows you to conduct a custom market test with your corporate image (logo, colors, typography, graphic design…) on your customer, supplier, or employee database. These market tests typically focus on assessing the brand experience and measuring satisfaction levels, but they can also address other specific information objectives. At We are testers, we offer two prominent WAT Corporate options, catering to both customers and employees:

  • Customer Satisfaction: Your opportunity to grow your business by gaining in-depth knowledge of the customer experience and obtaining insights for improvement.
  • Employee Survey: Thanks to workplace climate surveys, you can understand the opinions of company employees, measure their satisfaction, identify areas for improvement, and assess internal talent.

wat corporate for market studies and satisfaction

Online Communities

With WAT Lab, our Online Communities platform, you can interact with users from our WAT Community or your database instantly and directly to obtain the insights you need as your information needs arise.

WAT Lab for market study and online communities

The platform combines various quantitative and qualitative techniques in a neutral or fully customized environment with your branding. You choose the information objectives to cover, the methodologies to use, the level of interaction with users, and the community’s duration.

In addition to the platform, we offer a comprehensive ‘all-inclusive’ service that includes software, community moderation, user acquisition and management, activity creation, community engagement, under our Experience Lab product.

Online Focus Groups

WAT Focus is a market test tool for conducting online focus groups. With our platform, you can conduct in-depth interviews through video calls, both individually and in groups, overcoming physical and geographical barriers.

This is an online qualitative activity that you can integrate within a WAT Lab Online Community as another type of activity or carry out separately as a qualitative research technique to gain in-depth insights into users’ opinions, perceptions, experiences, or feelings and obtain valuable insights. WAT Focus offers multiple specialized market research tools to achieve this and professionally manage video calls, including session recording, public chat with participants, private chat with observers, screen sharing, file exchange, visible script for the moderator, and more.

WAT Focus for online focus groups

Do you have any questions about any of the market tests? Do you want to address your information objectives? Get in touch with us, tell us your needs, and our market research experts will advise you on the market tests and consumer research tools that best meet your objectives.

Update date 22 December, 2023

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