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Click testing online y mapas de calor | Heatmaps
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Many times when evaluating a new digital product or service, we want to know which areas our users pay the most attention to, and for that, online click testing is an intuitive and straightforward methodology to apply. With this type of test, you can quickly identify the zones or points where users interact the most in applications and web pages. It also helps determine the most eye-catching areas in a prototype.


Understanding Click Testing

Click testing is a methodology designed to provide information about user behavior for subsequent analysis. Thanks to it, you can discover the areas where clicks are registered on a static image. This gives you the ability to find out not only the first place to receive a click but also which area has received the most clicks.

With all this information, heatmaps are created to analyze these areas precisely. All of this is focused on providing a better user experience.

Generally, with this methodology, different questions or tasks are proposed based on what you want to learn. Preference questions provide data on the priority users give to certain elements; comprehension questions indicate which elements are the most understandable and which are the least; and behavior questions reveal the user’s behavior within the digital environment under investigation. Once all the responses from the sample you want to investigate are collected, it will be possible to create heatmaps.

In its functionality, it also serves to understand the potential of CTAs (Call to Actions) on our site. Calls to action in non-optimal locations will prevent potential customers from becoming final customers. Therefore, to achieve maximum performance of our website or app, it is essential to know if CTAs are working correctly in it.

Online click testing to optimize our digital product and service, thus achieving a higher number of conversions on our website or app.


How to Improve the User Experience on Your Website or App with WAT UX


Heatmaps and We Are Testers

A very useful tool within our platform WAT LAB is heatmaps. These, in addition to pinpointing the areas with the most clicks within an image, are used to quickly and effectively check the usability and conversion rates of apps or web pages. Furthermore, our online click testing system allows you to easily differentiate the positive and negative points of an image, providing much more comprehensive information.

After the user has clicked on the images or prototypes, there is the possibility to open a discussion activity in the community or conduct surveys to further explore the reasons behind their choices, thus reaching the reasons for selecting those areas.

On the other hand, the discussion activity can enhance the discussion among users of the WAT LAB, resulting in more extensive qualitative information.

In conclusion, online click testing and heatmaps are perfect tools for User Research, either for validating digital products and services or for optimizing them in digital environments. Understanding how these are perceived will exponentially improve customer satisfaction. This will help you understand the strengths and improvement indicators of your business.




Update date 22 December, 2023

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