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Understanding How Users Behave in Our Online Panel Since Registration in the WAT Community is something we have always pursued at We are testers. To effectively control our fieldwork and develop strategies for user acquisition, gamification, or loyalty with our online consumer panel, the first step is to apply one of the basic usability rules: putting ourselves in the user’s shoes to understand what happens, comprehend their behavior, and continuously improve. And that’s exactly what we did.

In parallel with the development of new market research tools and the generation of studies and insights, the IT, Content, and Business Development team at WAT have always kept a close eye on the community. The goal was to develop metrics that would help us understand and efficiently manage the WAT Community. Having access to all these metrics allows us to maintain control over what happens in our panel and the confidence needed to take actions and offer our panel for various types of studies: we know who makes up the community, what interactions they have throughout their lifecycle, who responds to some tests and not others, each tester’s activity level, and their retention rate within the Community.

New Metrics for the WAT Community

Some of the most important metrics for understanding the community and field management that we have developed in recent months are the tester’s lifecycle and retention rate.

The ultimate goal of the lifecycle indicator is to understand all the interactions a tester has with our platform. Having access to this information is crucial for understanding exactly what happens in our online panel from the moment a tester registers. With this knowledge, the benefits are manifold: effectively managing fieldwork, implementing actions to increase their satisfaction level, and responding immediately to potential issues. Similarly, knowing their retention rate allows us to control all the indicators that retain or encourage a tester’s activity in the WAT Community.

In summary, thanks to these developments and analyses, we have metrics and KPIs that allow us to analyze and control what happens in the WAT Community, deepening our understanding of how our field management algorithms are working and why invitations to participate in our surveys are distributed as they are.

Mobile Validation: ‘One User, One Account’

These developments complement other measures already in place for the proper management and analysis of the WAT Community, such as simplifying and improving the registration process for the community, especially on mobile and the app, by implementing mobile number registration verification. This has brought us several advantages related to increased security and reliability of our testers’ accounts, as mobile verification significantly increases the trust level of ‘one user, one account,’ significantly reducing the risk of fraud or the possibility of duplicate accounts using multiple email addresses associated with the same person. Although this aspect was already controlled by our rigorous anti-fraud systems, mobile number verification allowed us to significantly reduce the possibilities.

In addition to security, this SMS verification system is faster and more agile for the user, and in the case of mobile registration, it does not require the user to leave the flow or switch channels. Finally, another important advantage of knowing the user’s mobile number is being able to have more personal information for tailored communication and studies that require this information, always following our strict data protection policies.

More than 100,000 Users… and Growing!

The WAT Community is one of We are testers’ greatest assets. We started 2021 with over 100,000 registered users in our community, establishing ourselves as one of the largest panels in Spain.

And while the number is very important, we are also proud of the quality and gamification of the WAT Community, which responds instantly to our challenges and activities, consistently demonstrating its commitment and ensuring a high response rate, quota compliance, and an absolute mobile nature.

Update date 22 December, 2023

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