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To analyze consumer behavior, evaluate brand positioning and awareness, or test new products, concepts, or ideas. These are just some of the applications of online surveys, a research tool that covers all of a company’s information needs. And what if you want to identify the price consumers would be willing to pay for your products or services or choose the most suitable creativity for your next advertising campaign? This can also be resolved with an online market research study, the fairy godmother of market research. Rub the lamp and make your wish.

Online Surveys and Market Research

At We are testers, we have a powerful research platform that will help you conduct these online surveys, both quantitative and qualitative research. And we not only have the tool that allows us to conduct the studies, but we also have our own microsegmented community consisting of more than 120,000 real and potential users who, through gamification and continuous efforts, are willing to become those thousands of magical genies who grant wishes.

Online Surveys to Evaluate Your Product or Idea

Are you considering launching a new line of services or want to test the prototype of a product before marketing it? The online market research studies in our WAT Survey tool provide answers regarding consumer preferences on various aspects that may raise doubts or that you simply want to validate, such as packaging, name, product attributes, or service functionalities… The goal? To minimize risks as much as possible before making the investment required for a product launch, while involving consumers themselves, our community of opinion leaders, in a co-creation process with your brand. This is one of the best ways to achieve maximum engagement with potential consumers of your product.

Online Surveys to Analyze Consumer Behavior

Many times, it’s difficult to detach from a company’s internal ideas when it comes to evaluating the brand we deal with professionally every day, either because we are influenced by corporate policy or personal involvement with the product. Your grandmother will always tell you that you are the most handsome, the smartest, the… But it’s always advisable to ask your brother-in-law, that person with no direct ties who, besides being critical, is possibly more objective.

This is precisely another application that an online market research study can have: the possibility of identifying behaviors, attitudes, motivations, or barriers of a specific or general target with respect to your research subject. As we mentioned, sometimes we will be interested in knowing the opinion of the general market, but in other situations, we need to focus on a specific target, which will require us to segment the community of users in order to try to identify micro-profiled consumption patterns. With the target in sight, the next step is to start the research.

Pre-Test and Post-Test Online Surveys for Advertising

One of the main applications of online market research studies is directly related to promotion and advertising through pre-test and post-test advertising. The reason? It’s a great opportunity, in some cases unique, to have a high impact on the audience that interests us with the greatest effectiveness. And it wouldn’t be wise to waste that opportunity.

Thanks to pre-test advertising, we will be able to make more informed choices among different aspects that affect the promotion of a product or brand, such as creatives in any format (banner, TV spot, brochure, logo…) and at any level of definition. Similarly, we can prioritize the channel, medium, or most suitable influencer for carrying out the advertising campaign. All of this with the goal of maximizing advertising action in terms of profitability, return on investment, and brand image.

Once the action is launched with the help of the pre-test, the next step to complete the cycle is to conduct a post-test advertising to measure the effectiveness of the campaign after its launch.

These tools are especially useful when facing large advertising campaigns, such as holiday shopping or significant marketing days like Black Friday or sales events. In this regard, we have prepared a post that provides detailed information on how to use pre-test and post-test advertising as a tool before a major advertising campaign.

Online Surveys for Brand Positioning and Awareness

You may be wondering… What is the positioning of my brand compared to our competitors? How am I perceived in the market? What concepts, feelings, or attributes do consumers associate with your brand? These and other questions are answered by brand studies, as positioning and brand awareness tests are the perfect formula for evaluating the real perception that your current and potential customers have of your brand.

In this regard, we shouldn’t just focus on the positioning of our brand but also keep an eye on the positioning and awareness of the competition. This way, we can also understand how competitors’ campaigns modify consumers’ perceptions and the positioning of the players in the market.

Online Surveys for Price Setting

After discussing some of the variables that make up the famous ‘4 Ps of marketing,’ such as product or promotion, we move on to analyze another one, price. This is one of the variables that has a significant impact on the success or failure of a product.

Thanks to online surveys, we can conduct price tests to identify the amount that consumers would be willing to pay for your products or services, how users react to offers and promotions, or find the optimal price that a product should have to maximize revenue, profit, and/or market share. In this post about the Van Westendorp price sensitivity model, we explain the methodology used to obtain results.

These are just some of the applications and functionalities of online surveys; tools that, used complementarily or individually, will assist you in decision-making and meeting information needs. Consult with our research experts, who will advise you on the tool that best suits the characteristics of your business and the research you want to conduct.

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Update date 3 April, 2024

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