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After Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and all the pre-Christmas deals, one of the peak periods of the year for consumption and advertising investment arrives: Christmas. For many companies, this time represents between 20 and 40% of their annual sales, so it’s essential to have the most suitable tools for analyzing and measuring advertising effectiveness. In this regard, at We are testers, we offer online market research studies to analyze your advertising effectiveness and make your campaigns successful. These are the pre-test and post-test advertising.

Advertising Effectiveness Studies: Pre-Test and Post-Test Advertising

When considering advertising investment for these dates, it’s necessary to have proper planning, knowledge of your target audience, selecting the most appropriate campaign, and subsequently monitoring its impact to reduce investment risk and avoid any setbacks after all the hard work.

Thanks to advertising tests, you can conduct both pre-launch and post-launch analysis of your advertising campaign. The Pre-test is based on a survey directed at consumers or clients, launched before the campaign execution. It helps you choose which creative option will work best for your target audience, as well as preventing and rectifying errors (comprehension, brand identification, values, etc.). On the other hand, the Post-test advertising is a market research study that helps you control and evaluate the effectiveness of an advertising campaign after its launch.

What Can You Measure with a Pre-Test Advertising?

This market research technique targets a representative sample of your target audience and is perfect for making strategic decisions about different graphic creatives, packaging, videos, etc., that are part of your advertising campaign. Some of the aspects typically analyzed in a pre-test advertising include:

  • Comprehension: Ensuring that the audience understands the creatives, identifies with them, and retains the message.
  • Impact and appropriateness of the message: Evaluating whether it grabs attention, if it wears out, and the suitability of the chosen methods to communicate it.
  • Credibility: Analyzing the acceptance or rejection of the proposed actions.
  • The effect this creativity achieves and whether it can influence purchase motivation.

However, this work shouldn’t end in this preliminary research phase. After executing the campaign, it’s essential to evaluate the impact through a control tool: the Post-test Advertising.

What Can You Measure with a Post-Test Advertising?

These online surveys allow you to evaluate various aspects of the executed campaign to measure its effectiveness through different parameters:

  • Recall level, distinguishing between spontaneous recall (where users are asked to evaluate the campaign without explicitly showing it) and assisted recall, where the campaign is shown with evaluation questions.
  • Message penetration to evaluate the reach of the campaign and the brand’s notoriety achieved.
  • General evaluation for users to indicate what they liked most and least about the campaign or if it caused a change in attitude, positive or negative, toward the brand or product.
  • Effect, both rational and emotional, and whether it persuaded or motivated the purchase.

Evaluating Your Advertising Effectiveness

In periods of important sales such as Christmas, Black Friday, sales, or summer vacations, conducting pre-test and post-test advertising in marketing campaigns is essential to make the most appropriate tactical and strategic decisions. Equally important is the subsequent assessment of the suitability of the decisions made. Thanks to these techniques, we can deepen our understanding of consumer needs and adapt our messages to their demands, ultimately improving their customer experience.

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Update date 22 December, 2023

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