Market research on consumer generations

Estudios de mercado sobre generaciones de consumidores. Millennials, Generación Z y más
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Each generation has characteristic traits, a way of seeing the world, and relating to it. That’s why the results of market studies or surveys are often analysed according to age groups that define generations. We explain how generations are defined and how you can customize age brackets in your study to align with consumer generations.

All Generations by Age: When Do They Begin and End?

It is therefore necessary to know how different generations are and what keys brands must follow to conquer them. Personalization, essential in the process, allows offering consumers tailored, contextualized, and convenient experiences.

Baby Boomers (1949-1968)

Age made them embrace the Internet somewhat later than other generations.

For the majority, e-commerce is already a channel through which they make their regular purchases, and the pandemic has increased their confidence in conducting any transaction or management online.

To win them over, it is necessary for them to perceive real added value in the service, such as that offered by rewards programs, whether in points or cashback.

Generation X (1969-1980)

Children of the Transition and the arrival of democracy in their youth. They grew up away from technology, although over the years, they have adapted well to it for work and personal reasons.

This generation values closeness and customer care above all else. To establish a connection with them, the solution must be capable of providing ultra-personalized offers that make them feel that there is someone on the other side who genuinely cares about their interests and needs.

Generation Y / Millennials (1981-1994)

A generation that grew up during the democratization of the Internet. Technology was present in their childhood and adolescence, and they were early adopters of mobile phones.

They are open, decisive, and demanding individuals.

From brands, they expect to have values, be ethical, and simplify their lives.

There is much more to say about them, which we have summarized for you in a specific article on Millennials.

Generation Z (1994-2010)

Nonconformists and ambitious, they grew up surrounded by new technologies and online channels, so social networks have a significant influence on them. Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, or TikTok are some examples of platforms they are present on.

To reach this generation, the language must be close and direct.

Once again, personalization and immediacy are also key aspects when configuring a solution to connect with them.

Want to learn more? We have also written an article summarizing everything published about Generation Z.

How to Reach Them? We Can Help

Now that you know what interests each generation, you may be wondering how to precisely identify their needs related to your category.

We can assist you in all areas of this aspect. From understanding their general interests to evaluating different proposals directed towards them. We can create an online market study, help you create surveys, conduct specific online focus groups, and even create insight communities for long-term conversations.

Get in touch with us to learn more.

Update date 15 April, 2024

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