Online survey platforms: five reasons to use one.

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More and more companies are opting to conduct market research through an online survey platform. Its use has continued to grow in recent years. Today’s survey platforms are much more sophisticated, allowing for a variety of studies and incorporating increasingly helpful tools to guide users. Today, we’ll tell you about the benefits of online survey platforms and how you can start making the most of them.

What is an online survey platform?

Until a few years ago, the only way to conduct ad-hoc research was to hire one-on-one studies from traditional market research agencies. In this process, the client would create a research briefing, and the agency would propose a methodology to achieve the objectives. Once the proposal was approved, the market research agency would conduct the study, analyze the results, and create conclusions and recommendations. It was a service-based model.

The search for solutions to conduct research more quickly and efficiently has led to the development of online survey platforms. A survey platform is software that allows companies to create their own market studies directly and without intermediaries. Users can create their own questionnaires, interview sample populations, and quickly obtain results in the form of interactive tables and graphs.

According to ESOMAR data, nearly half of market studies in 2020 were conducted internally without relying on a market research agency. This figure was only 40% just twelve months earlier. With access to an online survey platform, research clients now conduct part of their studies directly while still turning to research agencies when they prefer to subcontract the entire service. Thus, traditional research and online survey platforms complement each other, allowing companies to choose how to manage each study.

Advantages of an online survey platform

The rapid development of online survey platforms has been possible due to the advantages they offer:

  • Speed: Obtaining data quickly is not only desirable but absolutely essential in some cases. With an online survey platform, there is no need to prepare a detailed briefing, negotiate a budget, or supervise the questionnaire. You can create the questionnaire yourself, go into the field, and have the data in hours.
  • Efficiency: Reducing steps and automating repetitive tasks generates efficiencies, allowing more studies to be conducted with the same budget. Companies with continuous research needs can support more decisions with data, and those starting research can do so without breaking their budgets.
  • Agility: Hiring an agency for each study involves negotiation and setup costs, so studies are often long and infrequent. An online survey platform is available 24/7, and there is no need to wait to have all the questions before going into the field. It is often used for agile market research, iteratively. For example, a quick concept screening today can focus the innovation process, leaving specific aspects of the marketing mix to be tested next week when the concept is better defined.
  • Greater access to information: Online survey platforms make research more accessible within the organization through the definition of users and roles. Platform administrators can share access to results or even questionnaire programming with other departments or decision-making forums.
  • All studies in one place: Online survey platforms also serve as repositories of information, providing access to all studies created over time for consultation or replication.

«DIY» and «Do it together» Research

Some companies want to conduct their own studies with the autonomy offered by an online survey platform. In other cases, companies prefer to have expert support. This diversity of needs has led to the concepts of «DIY» (Do It Yourself) and «Do it together.»

DIY Research

Companies create their own studies using an online survey platform autonomously, only seeking support from the support team if they encounter any difficulties.

«Do it together» Research

The company wants to benefit from the automation provided by an online survey platform but prefers to delegate study management. This may be because they prefer to entrust their research to experts or because they want to spend their time on other tasks. In this situation, the platform company selects the sample, programs the questionnaire, or even creates a customized report with study results if required. «Do it together» research provides all the advantages of the survey platform and adds the level of service the client prefers.

We are testers’ Online Survey Platform

We are testers is more than just an online survey platform. In addition to surveys, our research platform can handle qualitative research, insight communities, and usability tests. The availability of this wide range of research tools makes We are testers the most versatile research platform in the market.

Moreover, We are testers incorporates all additional services you may need for «DIY» or «Do it together» research. The choice is yours. If you want to conduct DIY research, the platform allows you to create and launch studies easily in a few steps. If you prefer a higher level of service, our team of research experts will be by your side as much as you need.

If you are considering creating online market research or UX tests, contact our research experts to learn about the benefits and possibilities of our online survey platform to enhance your research and accelerate decision-making.

Update date 21 January, 2024

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