Market research phases: How to conduct your market study in five steps

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We are a technology-based market research company. But that technological layer is always supported by people.

The work of conducting research with We are testers combines knowledge and experience with technological development and customization.
We want you to know more in-depth about how we develop research projects at We are testers so that you can focus on delivering more value in your activity and growing your business.

This combination of experience and knowledge, creativity, technology, and customization makes our work methodology reliable, agile, and results-oriented.

Our way of working is based on:

  • Gathering the needs and problems of our clients
  • Jointly defining the objectives
  • Designing the type of research we will conduct, including combining the different tools at our disposal
  • Research process
  • Analyzing and measuring to make adjustments and improvements

Market Research Phases

Needs Assessment

At We are testers, we develop the entire research process in collaboration with our clients. The first step is to address their needs or problems, understand them to propose possible solutions.

Setting Objectives

Our work with the client is personalized, and a tailored solution is established for each case. No two projects are the same because we consider the specificities of each one.
The client explains their needs, and we translate them into a research strategy.
However, our extensive experience, along with the thousands of research projects we have already conducted, combined with our sector and activity knowledge, allows us to have a strategic vision and set shared objectives with the client.

Proposing the Research Strategy

We are creative, and our creativity is informed by our deep knowledge of the possible applications of our tools.
At We are testers, we can conduct quantitative and/or qualitative research, and even combine different products to achieve the desired results.
We have a variety of tools that are applied based on the objectives being pursued.
Thus, we devise a customized and tailored research strategy and methodology.

Research Execution Process

Once we have established a plan, it’s time to put it into action.
Our operations department carries out the necessary actions to design the entire research process and interactions.
Our team of professionals, specialized in developing content for each of the tools to be used, is also involved in this process.
It could be a survey, a focus group, an online community…

Whatever it is, the We are testers team is involved in each step of the research, either to observe and control it, or even to act as facilitators for the users participating in the research.

Analysis and Measurement

The monitoring of processes is continuous to ensure that research with We are testers is conducted without incidents.
Even our clients can track progress from our platform.
We have the necessary responsiveness to make decisions and make adjustments quickly and effectively.
Moreover, we learn more from each of the research projects we conduct because we are in a constant R&D process. Thus, innovation is in our DNA, and that’s why we measure everything.
Because measurement is the basis for evaluation and improvement.

As you can see, conducting research with We are testers is itself a supportive process. The client is informed at every stage of the process, including emerging inputs.

This is how we have managed to position ourselves in the market and have the ability to work in countless sectors and areas.

Update date 15 April, 2024

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