5 TED talks to reflect on innovation

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In today’s post, we delve into TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) talks on innovation to highlight some of the most interesting proposals on fundamental innovation concepts, trends, or tools. From the reflections of Henry Chesbrough, the professor who coined the concept of ‘open innovation,’ to more specific concepts like Design Thinking or the Lean Startup strategy to foster innovation.

Here are our 5 TED talk recommendations on the general concept of innovation. Press play!

Innovation, Design, and Technology. Jaime Perujo

Jaime Perujo, a sales engineer at Google, explains in his TED talk the process of Design Thinking as a necessary tool for innovation and innovation as a process that every company can develop methodically.

According to his experience, the innovation process has three phases:

  1. Understanding the problem and identifying the user based on in-depth research and observation.
  2. Generating ideas, varied and in large quantities, like ‘Christmas lights’ – the more, the better.
  3. Creating prototypes to experiment with everything proposed.

Finally, he reflects on the need to combine innovation, design, and technology to create the most ambitious ideas in this innovation process.

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Open Innovation. Henry Chesbrough

Henry Chesbrough, the American professor who coined the concept of open innovation, provides the keys for any company to adopt an open innovation strategy. Chesbrough reflects on the value of rethinking businesses as service companies and the importance of involving customers in idea generation through a continuous process of co-creation. This process helps reduce the costs of developing new products or services and accelerates time-to-market.

Throughout his talk, he describes the tools and keys to succeed in today’s companies, always following the premise that «at the center of what we do is the customer experience.»

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What Are the Steps to Innovate? Gustavo Guillemín

In the face of doubts or fears that may arise for any novice in entrepreneurship and innovation about whether their project will have the expected impact or a real impact on society, Gustavo Guillemín, a doctor in Administration Sciences, reviews several success stories and outlines what he considers the basic pillars on which a novel idea should be built and developed.

For this, he makes an analogy with the recipe for bread, which requires 3 ingredients:

  • Creating a clear value proposition and capabilities to support it: seeking a balance between what is possible and desirable and reflecting on the need to have an element that differentiates our idea from the competition.
  • Strengthening social capital understood as the network of people who contribute talent and knowledge, giving more strength to the project. This network has the ability to exchange ideas or suggest changes to prototypes of the idea.
  • Having good financial planning that allows the project to sustain itself for at least the first 5 years.

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Why Lean Startup Will Change Everything? Néstor Guerra

Néstor Guerra, an entrepreneur, mentor, and Lean Startup expert, shares firsthand what it meant for him, personally and professionally, to start using the Lean Startup methodology. This process helps create innovation cores and manage uncertainty in the business world using the scientific and experimental method. Guerra explains during the talk why he believes this new way of creating new businesses is accelerating the innovation process.

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Update date 22 December, 2023

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