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  • Brand: Europcar
  • Date: 9 studies from 2017 to 2020
  • Sector: Car Rental
  • Techniques: Online quantitative study through various product tests and Web Usability Study
  • Methodology: Quantitative & Qualitative
  • Scope: National


“At Europcar, we work under a 100% Customer-centric philosophy and seek agile decision-making based on insights. For this, Wearetesters is an ideal partner. Their flexibility and proactivity in offering solutions, as well as the speed in delivering results and their quality, have been fundamental to our decision-making.

Raúl Vázquez | Marketing Manager Europcar Mobility Group Spain


The Client

Founded in Paris in 1949, Europcar has become the European leader in car rental and one of the key players in the global mobility sector. In Spain, the brand has a fleet of over 35,000 vehicles in peak season. It provides a wide range of car and van rental solutions to individuals and businesses across the country, with the largest network of offices in Spain.

Digitization, sustainability, and a customer-centric philosophy are the main guidelines for the brand in Spain and worldwide.

Europcar is part of Europcar Mobility Group, one of the world’s leading mobility solution providers, focused on offering attractive alternatives to vehicle ownership. The group offers its mobility solutions worldwide through its extensive network, present in 140 countries.

The Challenge

With the primary premise of putting the customer at the center of its decisions, Europcar was looking for an agile and direct methodology that would allow it to quickly obtain responses from real consumers to the challenges and decisions it faced. This ‘customer-centric’ and ‘agile research’ strategy would be the foundation for working together with We are testers in this study, as Europcar expressed the need to use a methodology that integrated the voice of the customer into its tactical decisions, both in B2B and B2C business, in line with the way other departments in the company operate, and to do it in an agile manner, meaning having the ability to quickly address tactical issues that required rapid action.

But… why apply these research methodologies? Primarily, to thoroughly analyze the product and services with consumers and clients from various dimensions.

Another challenge Europcar faced when turning to We are testers was to validate their hypotheses with real consumers and to respond to strategic aspects, such as the introduction of electric vehicles in their fleets to assess the economic impact of this decision.

The Solution

Taking into account the information objectives set by Europcar, We are testers got to work to develop the most suitable methodologies to meet their needs. All of this was done in constant communication and collaborative work with the marketing department of Europcar Spain.

The techniques and methodologies used were:

To start the studies, we began with field management, which was carried out considering different sample designs on our WAT Community, composed of more than 100,000 users and with over 400 segmentation criteria to characterize different user profiles.

The total sample included end consumers in the B2C study and professionals who use car rental for their professional activities in the B2B project.

The Result

Throughout the 4 years of collaboration as agile market research providers for Europcar, various information objectives set by the company have been achieved. Thus, the achievements with each of the methodologies could be summarized in the following aspects:

Online market studies. Thanks to various tests (product testing, concept testing, A/B testing, segmentation testing…) launched to the WAT Community, Europcar was able to respond to the following aspects:

  • Understanding the motivations and behaviors in the car rental and booking process.
  • Analyzing and establishing a comparison between different booking methods.
  • In-depth analysis of electric cars, understanding the consumer profiles that demand them and the factors influencing the decision to rent such cars.
  • From a professional perspective, understanding the usage and preferences of vans or cars for professional activities.


User Experience Testing. With this methodology, the goal was to optimize the booking and rental process through the Europcar website. For this purpose, different tasks and activities were established on the website, allowing for the analysis of various aspects of usability, identifying functional improvements on the website, and conducting A/B testing on new features.

Thanks to this type of user experience testing, Europcar was able to improve its conversion rate in the online booking process.



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Update date 22 December, 2023

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