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To talk about customer listening, we recently participated in the «28th Advanced Management Week,» an annual event organized by Euskalit, a forum for reflection, knowledge, and shared experiences related to the customer experience.

This year, we were speakers with our own success story, which we wanted to share with the rest of the brands and people present there.

We presented a project that excited us, motivated us, and unleashed our full innovative potential. And we did it hand in hand with our client, Eroski.

Putting Customer Listening at the Center

Josu Madariaga, Customer Experience Director at Eroski, and Iñigo Ulibarri, Marketing Insights Manager at We are testers, explained how we conducted research to incorporate consumer opinions into the ideation process for a new store format for Eroski.

Because nowadays, listening to what customers have to say about a brand is much more than just conducting surveys.

The project was quite a challenge because creating a new format for such a large and well-established brand while aligning it with what consumers desire, need, and expect, based on various factors, was an ambitious endeavor.

Co-Creation with Customers

With this research, Eroski aimed to co-create the ideal store with consumers. The goal was to delve into aspects related to sections, assortment, promotions, communication, value-added services… Ultimately, making the shopping experience at Eroski memorable, gaining and retaining customers.

To achieve these information goals and design the ideal shopping experience, it was necessary to deeply understand the drivers in the consumer’s mind when making a purchase, both at Eroski and in competing brands. Traditional methodologies such as surveys or focus groups would not provide insights deep enough to address such ambitious information goals. So, what methodology did we use?

We provided the solution at We are testers. 

Customer Listening Through Online Communities

That’s why we proposed to Eroski to launch an online community lasting several days.

Consumers (recruited from our panel) provided information through the exclusive platform of We are testers’ online communities. They answered the moderator’s questions, shared photos and videos of their shopping experiences, talked about their experiences, and detailed the «pain points» in the stores. They also identified the best practices that stand out in competing brands.

After ten intense days of work within the community, consumers had provided all the necessary information to help Eroski define a new store model, thus putting the customer’s needs at the center of the shopping experience.

If you want to see in detail how the entire process went in this research, press play!



Do you need to co-create with your customers? Do you want their input in ideation processes? At We are testers, we can help. Contact our team of experts to learn how to achieve it.

Update date 15 April, 2024

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