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Metodologías de investigación de mercados | Research methodologies
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Market Research is a constantly evolving field influenced by social, technological, economic changes, and more. However, whether it’s traditional or modern trending research methodologies, they all share a common goal: to gather information and analyze relevant data related to the market. While they have the same ultimate objective, their techniques and applications are diverse, including consumer analysis, product evaluation, idea assessment, or campaign examination; addressing user experience on digital platforms.

Study ‘Present and Future of Research Methodologies’

Market research is an essential tool in marketing, innovation, advertising, communication departments, and, of course, in research institutes. To understand the opinions of key decision-makers in large Spanish or multinational companies about the role of research, we conducted the study ‘Present and Future of Research Methodologies’ last June. The study involved 100 Spanish companies from various sectors (telecommunications, retail, publishing, mobility, energy, etc.) to provide their insights on the utility, evaluation, advantages, and disadvantages of the different research techniques analyzed.

Given the wide range of techniques, we focused the study on five of them, which, based on our industry experience, are the most commonly used in research and marketing departments: online surveys, in-person focus groups, online communities, telephone surveys, and online focus groups.

New Research Methodologies: Online Communities

In addition to analyzing these five methodologies, we wanted to pay special attention to the analysis of insights communities, a methodology that is clearly trending according to the latest ESOMAR 2018 reports and Grit Report Q3 and Q4 2018. If you’re wondering what an Online Community entails, it’s a research methodology that combines qualitative and quantitative methods to collect opinions from real or potential customers of a brand, through their participation in activities and dynamics on a platform moderated by a facilitator. This technique allows companies to obtain valuable information directly from customers to facilitate strategic decision-making and to delve into business, product, satisfaction aspects, and more.

If you are interested in the results of the study ‘Present and Future of Research Methodologies’, you can download it by clicking on this link. We are confident that it will be an interesting resource that will allow you to understand trends and information needs for your company or other sectors. It will provide valuable insights when designing new customer knowledge strategies. We would also be delighted to receive your feedback regarding the study and have the opportunity to connect or discuss such an interesting and continuously evolving field as market research and customer knowledge.

Are you interested in receiving more information about the research methodologies study? Do you want to conduct market research and don’t know where to start? Do you have doubts about the most suitable technique for your objectives and needs? Write to us at, and we will provide you with information about the applications of market research for your business.

Update date 22 December, 2023

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