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Agile Market Research | Investigación de mercados agile | Pesquisa de mercado ágil
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Immediacy is one of the key pillars of our society. We can find it in all aspects of our lives, so why not use it in market research as well? It’s called agile market research, and it can be a valuable tool for your company.

What is Agile Market Research?

Agile market research is a way of conducting market studies that combines new technologies and processes to streamline the entire process. Often, it’s very interesting to conduct a market study, but there isn’t enough time to conduct one that takes too long. It’s in those moments that this type of research can make a difference.

These processes are especially useful when you need to react quickly to sudden changes in the market and, in general, adapt as quickly as possible to consumer needs.


Benefits of Agile Market Research

Among the benefits that agile research can bring is the immediacy of results. This way, they can be implemented in strategies that are already underway or about to start soon. In other words, they are used to validate concepts with customers, find out their opinions about a new product, delve into consumer behavior, and more.

It has the same versatility as a conventional market study, with the added benefit of a shorter work cycle. Furthermore, being market studies that require less time, they incur lower costs. So, if necessary, multiple studies can be conducted to track market changes in real time.


We are testers’ products are suitable for conducting Agile Market Research

But how can agile research be conducted? Since new technologies are a fundamental part of this process, it is usually done digitally.

These online market studies can be carried out with many tools, but at We Are Testers, we have the most effective ones.

Within the WATSurvey section, for example, you can find everything from product tests to brand or concept tests. All of our services allow you to conduct online market research. Plus, with WATCommunity at your disposal, you’ll get instant results.

One of the most commonly requested applications of agile research by our clients is related to conducting post-test surveys to determine the impact of an advertising campaign. Once this campaign is launched, conducting a quick survey helps determine the reach the campaign has achieved and the impact it has had on the target audience.
This becomes an excellent and effective way to determine if the campaign has met its intended objectives.

Data collection, duration, and other features can be customized to fit your needs.

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Update date 15 April, 2024

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